About Georgia

Georgia Youngs is an accomplished and well-exhibited artist, a former gallery owner, an artists’ representative, and the owner of several art schools. Using her talents and business skills, she has built an all-encompassing consulting service helping artists market themselves, new gallery owners establish their galleries, and art groups become more focused. She has also developed art curriculums for institutions, and planned, executed and managed many successful and varied events.

Georgia constantly seeks new ways to capture the world around her and share what she learns with others. Recently, while helping a student discover how Cezanne painted, she decided to copy a painting by Cezanne to discover how his obvious brush strokes appear to blend optically. In explaining it, she coined the phrase ‘stacking of colours’ while allowing the ‘eye to do the blending’. She now uses this technique to help students overcome a tendency to over-blend their paints and lose the integrity of the colours. The Cezanne painting is included in this program in Part II, Acrylic Painting.

Georgia’s painting has been accepted into many curated/juried art shows. For many years she was well-known for her renderings of old family photos in sepia tones using soft pastels. She soon found the vibrant colours of acrylic paint opened a whole new vista for her. Working from her own photographs, her style has matured over the years. Her latest paintings demonstrate her ongoing desire to find new ways to use acrylic as a painting medium, while at the same time invent new perspectives for the viewer.

She writes, “When I paint, I see only lines, design and colour. It all seems quite abstract to me. I am caught up in the process of how to render colour, tone and form. It always amazes me when I stand back from my work and see the shape of a flower or leaf. In my earlier work I focused more on the flower. Now the focus has shifted and is more on the leaves and design.”

Working from her own photographs, Georgia explores different ways to use the acrylic medium while inventing new perspectives for the viewer. Through a series of 16 paintings, a project titled The Green Earth Project explored the growth of calla lilies as they transformed and regenerated. This project is available as a giclee set. In other series, she arranges still lifes or captures views of her garden and the surrounding countrysides.

For more information about Georgia and her art work, visit her art site at www.georgiayoungs.ca