Georgia writes,

Over the years I’ve owned and taught in five Georgia’s Art Schools in as many locations. I’ve taught classes in colleges, private schools, Montessori schools and community centres in two provinces. I currently teach eight classes at two local community centres. We often need to add additional classes or start a wait list. As a result, I have been encouraged to create a series of teaching videos. No mean feat I soon was to discover.

I went on a mission to find a good videographer and was so fortunate to find Mark Halliday of Moonrider Productions. With his collaboration and editing we created these amazing videos for you, and will continue to add to them with new topics and approaches.

My web designer Mia Johnson from Kits Media is another person I was fortunate to find. I have used her services for years and she always manages to come up with the latest and best ways to support my ideas.

Without these two folks the videos you are viewing would not be possible. I also need to thank my daughter Tina and her husband Matt, and all my students who with all their suggestions and support I was able to move forward with this amazing project.

The art lessons I’m offering are quite different from anything else you will find online! I’ve taken over a year, working with my videographer Hal, to produce a course that is easy to follow, full of art tips and all things related to painting with acrylics, but most importantly is a joy to watch. I then had Kits Media create this magnificent site that is straight forward in its ease to use.

Sincerely, Georgia Youngs