Overview of Lessons

Students are offered a welcome class that covers:

  • Art supply stores in your neighbourhood
  • Why paints have various prices and which ones to buy
  • The best brushes to buy for painting with acrylics
  • The importance of good photographs

The welcome class offers a preview of the paintings you will create in the Introduction to Acrylic Painting.

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You will then complete Introduction to Acrylic Painting. This section teaches colour theory by having you complete four individual artworks based on still life subjects.

Part – l Introduction to Acrylic Painting includes:

  • An introduction
  • Colour theory class
  • Four still life painting classes
  • A summary video
  • Page of supplies listing the paint colours and brushes you will need

Once you have completed the basic acrylic course, you will choose from a variety of courses that interest you. All are designed with some main lesson in mind but will also cover lots of other painting and art concepts as well.

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PART II: Acrylic Painting

Part II is a series of four video classes that include:

  • Painting a still life by Cezanne
  • Painting a portrait by Vermeer
  • Painting a landscape by Tom Thomson
  • A landscape painting by Georgia

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PART III Acrylic Painting

Part III Acrylic Painting is a series of four video classes that include:

  • Flowers in a Garden
  • Flower and Sky
  • Still Life in White
  • Still Life in Green

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