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Free Welcome Video Class

  • Art supply stores in your neighbourhood
  • Why paints have various prices and which ones to buy
  • The best brushes to buy when painting with acrylics
  • The importance of good photographs
  • How to save money by recycling everyday items

Part I – Introduction to Acrylic Painting

  • An introduction
  • Colour theory class
  • Four still life painting classes
  • A summary video
  • Page of supplies listing paint colours and brushes

Part II – Acrylic Painting

  • Painting a still life by Cezanne
  • Painting a portrait by Vermeer
  • Painting a landscape by Tom Thomson
  • A landscape painting by Georgia
  • Bonus video lesson: Canvas Size and Finishing Edges

Part III – Acrylic Painting

  • Flowers in a Garden
  • Flower and Sky
  • Still Life in White
  • Still Life in Green
  • Bonus video lesson: Brush Strokes Good and Bad

Georgia’s Complete Painting Package

  • Free Welcome Video Class
  • Part I – Introduction to Acrylic Painting
  • Part II – Acrylic Painting
  • Part III – Acrylic Painting
  • Free manual and enrollment in Georgia’s Art Club

“Painting With Georgia” Manual

  • A valuable resource guide for acrylic painting
  • x number of pages of tips, techniques and sources
  • Easy-to-download and print PDF format
  • Automatic enrollment in Georgia’s Art Club
  • Receive ongoing valuable tips and resources by email