Lets wrap it up

Hi Folks,

Lets wrap it up!

I have been quite tardy in sending out my art blogs and to be truthful I have no excuse other than I’ve been busy.  But I thought I had better send one more for this year as my token Christmas gift to you all.

An over view of my year in teaching has brought some new insights for me on why people ‘create’  .  I hosted 3 art shows this fall:  1. for my adult students and another for my young students and lastly one for myself.  I found it interesting people’s expectations and reason for participating in these events , including my own.  On one hand if we look at the monetary gain , modest at best,  no one in their right mind would think about making a living by creating art in any form.  So why do we bother coming to class or sit in our studios and paint?    Good question you may ask!   We do it because of the joy it brings us.  We do it for it the challenges that face us on deciding what colours to use or how to create an image others will enjoy.   Art is a solitary endeavor, yet during the time we spend within our own minds we find through all the frustrating challenges, peace and contentment.  How many people do you know who seek happiness and never find it?  Yet you have found the secret !   So keep on painting and as an added bonus, as you have also discovered,  that coming to class  opens up an even great door, a door of  new found friendship and companionship.

To all of you I wish you a very happy holiday and a happy and healthy New Year

Happy Painting

Cheers   Georgia

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3 thoughts on “Lets wrap it up

  1. Sharon Harowitz

    Hi Georgia, I’m one of your students from last year. I have 2 new granddaughters which has gotten in the way of my joining you at painting class …. But still appreciate bring on your mailing list. I’ll be back one of these days!
    In the meantime, all the best for the holidays and the new year.

  2. Paige Grunberg

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!! Hope to come back to class in the Spring!! I really do miss it!

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